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"Silence No More"           "GOD"


Symbols                    4-15-14

Would it be cross
Wheel or crescent
Six pointed star…
Here is history lesson
On those sacred symbols
When, How and Why
Those shapes were observed
In a dark ancient sky
From earliest times
When ETs have arrived
They ruled as the Gods
ONE religion then thrived

In time root of truth
Got divided, distorted
The original meaning
Polluted, perverted
But prime simple rule
To this day still apply
Don’t kill, do not steal
Don’t cheat and don’t lie
So what happened to Alien Words
That was spoken
Each day, God’s advice
Gets ignored, twisted, broken
Often by those
Who’s preaching the most
From the caves of ignorance
Spreading hate and chaos

Fucking Fracking                   7/15/13
Powerful are barking
There’s no place for parking
For those, who’s doing quacking
But nobody is harking
Our Earth is cracking
Under hammers whacking
Mighty greed is sucking
All that under tucking
Ogos are attacking
Conscience simply lacking
Dumb ideas sparking
Territories a marking
Abuse…then do the packing
To the next side of the tracking
Drill your deal through Earth’s heart
The Rape, by fucking fracking.

Dear Visitors, if you’d like to add a 4 line verse to the poem below please feel free to express yourself. The first 11 mini-poems will be published on this site; so what wouldn’t you tolerate? I covered just a few issues, but there’s more.  This poem first was written in 2005, then in 2013, I inserted a few new verses; see if you can guess which ones they are. Thank you.

Send your replies to: yeva@yevasuniverse.com

Just to reinforce it all in prosaic form, no one should tolerate (put up with) something that one could live without, unfortunately we all do it to some extent, often because there is no other choice. The inclusiveness and acceptance resonates so much clearer and kinder, after all, no one wants to be tolerated. What this world is in need of is compassion, equality, and honesty, keeping in mind that some things should be intolerable as well as unacceptable.


To Tolerate?!

The definition of this word

Speaks for itself the best

“To bear abuse or opposition

Without venting protest”


I couldn’t tolerate the abuse

Of all creatures great or small

They’ve done no wrong by being born

Without a voice at all


I wouldn’t tolerate racism

And all that goes with it

Also the outdated chauvinism

That stinks like a pile of shit


I won’t tolerate the haters

Who discriminate True Love

To those judgmental hypocrites

I’ll say: “Stop! Enough’s Enough!”


If humans embraced tolerance

And didn’t set their goal

They’d still be living in caves now

Or not survived at all


The tolerance - deceiving word

The new age wankers term

That’s getting overused so much

The word - an apple with a worm


Before tolerating even this word

Research its definition

I won’t tolerate crap anymore

But that is my decision


Dishonesty and cruelty

I refuse to tolerate

If you disagree, just talk to me

It might not be too late


Or…be tolerant, sit on the fence

Don’t question or debate

Rosa Parks, though, sat on the forbidden seat

Because she wouldn’t tolerate


One young girl got badly hurt

She too…didn’t tolerate

What was going on in her hometown

Under veil of backwardness and hate


One must have a zero tolerance

For the bullies in the schools

Those that picked at you the most

Just ignorant scared fools


There are so many boys and girls

For many different reasons said “No more”!

“No longer will we tolerate the abuse

Behind that tightly closed door”


Tolerance won’t fight injustice

It’s resting easy in its den

Voice your protest, but without violence

I do it with paper and my pen


And…you don’t have to tolerate

My thinking, words or voice

Just stay no more, there is the door

That is your rightful choice


I do not need to tolerate “apologists for evil”

And “devils advocates for wrong”

With their mouths full of smooth denials

That are dripping from their tongue


No one should have tolerance

For the brainwashed savage guys

Those who lack a conscience

With cowardly device


Oh well, just let bygones be bygone

Pretend, that it never did go on

Instead, just forgive/forget and then…

Watch an encore of the same horrors again


The history tends to repeat itself

For those who wish to forget it

One really must remember the past

Or else one might regret it


Those who wear tolerance

On their sleeves day after day

They would quickly brush it off

If it stood in their own way


No one has to tolerate

Ignorance and lies

That’s all around you my friend

Preaching in disguise!


The kaleidoscope of differences, those worthy

Don’t Tolerate, but Celebrate!

The rainbow of bright, creative minds

That open for the smart debate



Visitors Verses

My tolerance of people is really pretty poor.
Especially the ass holes who are rotten to the core.
If I had a dollar for every Youtube turd.
I’d scream and jump and run around, you’d think that I’m absurd.

Brett (N.C.)

Why must the innocent be tormented
And forced to tolerate war
Because of the greed of those in power
To murder, rape, hate and war-no more!

Ben (N.C.)

There is no way
I would tolerate KKK
Everyone's supposed to be equal
In U.S.of A.

John (GA.)

"Tolerance" the metaphorical double edged sword
Though sorely used, without we cannot afford
We must learn to not tolerate the word "Tolerate"
Because in the wrong hands can control our fate

Jordan (N.C.)

I simply can't tolerate
Commercials on T.V.
It's misleading waste of time
It's no good for me

Matt (FL.)

Those with minds and hearts afflicted
With fear and rage and hate
Shall keep the darkness within themselves
Nothing more will I tolerate

Dennis (N.C.)

I can't tolerate hypocrites
Those talking the talk
But not walking the walk
Hiding their true face under lock

Eve (N.C.)

I can, should and will not tolerate
When strangers are given high praise
While those we've known and called our friends
Are without the least thought debased

Alien (Earth)

Silence when the truth must be told
Violence, thieves, unkind acts, zealots & manipulation,
Deceptive minds and hearts so cold
Shoves or punches, threats & intimidation

Kim (N.C.)

I cannot tolerate anti social attitudes, your self importance is ignorant and rude.
Why do you choose a life of animosity, why do you feel your more important than me?
Step out of your ego, life is for living, you would attain so much more if you just started giving!
We are all on this planet and should care for one another, we are one, sister and brother.

Val (England)

Tolerating a small stone
Lodged in my left shoe
Was a big mistake

Jan (N.C.)

I cannot tolerate self hatred
As it is the worst
For those who hate others
Hate themselves first

Paula (N.C.)

I looked for the source of all worries, searched for the meaning of all lies
In books and in far off places, in the hope that I would find
Some place of truth; some pyramid somewhere on land or sea
Till I confronted what the mirror hid, now I tolerate only me!

Denis (England)

I will not tolerate those who say they're proud to be free
When they don't know that they are slaves to corporate america
For corporate america warps morality to justify making us
Less free, is that where we want to be?

KC (N.C.)

Thank you all for the great poems, and long lists of your "intolerances". Keep them coming till this space is filled and remember...only four lines will be tolerated. smiley

 Silence No More       by Yeva       Feb. 11, 2013


It’s not a town or country, nor a state

It is a gruesome place, within the great and ancient city

The place, where the structure stands, the palace of demise

Where the secrets live of the endless torment and pain


Some of it so unimaginable, it’ll make you cringe

Being covered up by time and the false history

And those, who were and still on the throne

In fancy dress that hides their sickly deeds


If only All, the tortured, raped, and murdered in the millions

By the hands with cross, with tulips on the heads inlaid with gold

Could Rise Up, together from their non-existent graves

And speak up the truth, as once they did or tried to do


For which they paid horrendous price and lost…

Their precious lives were taken by the men in petticoats

In dungeons, at the stake by fire, by the rusty sword

Or boiled alive just like a helpless shellfish


The times are changed or have they really?

It’s true, there’s no more flames at “Campo De’ Fiori”

The new laws supposed to stop abuse that’s overwhelming

But the rules, here for you, do Not apply to them


They have immunity from taxes, the law… can touch them Not

The abuse of power by the “holier than thou” continues now

It makes me sick to think that just one dirty prick

Can get away with hundreds of lives screwed up by him


The tragic fact is that, there are not one, or two, or even a few

The infestation within the palace walls, crawls out

And spreads it’s tentacles in all directions, leaving its slime

And stench in all the corners, round the globe


Hmm… at least, at last the evidence is accepted by the men in robes

That the world Is Round, and of course, it’s Not the center of the universe

But what are they gonna say to those, whom they did murder for saying that

Four hundred and thirteen years ago, this very month to be exact


 Oh well…let’s not go back in times so cruel, that far…

Still there’s plenty going on right Here/Now, that makes your stomach turn

Lets see…Who are the guilty ones? Those Obvious?! Of course!

Who’s gummy hands “anointed” babies, but there are more…


Those who turn the other way, like cruel faced nasty nuns

Or maybe, timid creatures in tiny hats to blame, with letters R, E, V, before their name

They know the score, those cowards, with zippered mouth, so quiet

While the dark creepy shadow haunts the dorm where little children sleep


Or in the stuffy room, the confession that makes a man in skirt to salivate

The time to stop It ALL is overdue, but how one can tell to

Close to five thousand of heads, who work for the corrupted every day

Contribute to injustice, without thinking twice, because of pay, no doubt


And what about the faithful, those fools of faith

No questions asked, just blindly tossing cash into the collection plate

One billion and a bit - colossal multitude, the herd

Of scared, mislead and insecure souls, so much in denial


“I was brought up this way, don’t know any other”…

“My father and mother were of this faith, so grandmother and grandfather”

I heard this backward talk too many times it’s simply nauseating!

The saddest thing IS, to be brainwashed this way, is mind baffling


Oh, don’t they know, that the hand they kneel to kiss

May be the same hand that ”touched” their precious kid?!

The same sadistic hand, that covered babies’ mouth so they can’t scream!

No wonder, that some scum preferred a deaf child!


But that was THEN! Those children are grown now

Their Mighty “Voice” will Scream so LOUD for ALL the abused

Against those, who were not punished but rewarded

For their atrocious act, by the men in charge


Surprise? The captain left the gigantic sinking ship

To avoid the tidal wave of yet another scandal?!

But soon, a monsoon of truth, will crash down through the roof

And it will sink the palace down into the murky seas

Dedicated to the deaf children and all those who were for centuries abused by the church.

Watch the documentary "Mea Maxima Culpa". Follow this link to HBOs site.


Thank you all for the very thoughtful, overwhelming response and the kind words. To the apologist I'll say, get your facts straight, my friend, the truth sometimes is grim; but don't you prefer "sandpaper truth to a velvet lie"? Unfortunately 1.2 billion are still under the velvet comforter of deceit, eventually the pretty cover will rot away and even the most faithful will see the light. For now, here's some data, more of the prosaic kind this time.

In the name of god and religions there were more people killed than in all natural disasters, all the wars, (…oops! Most wars were in the name of god and religion anyway) and by all dictatorial rulers, all the revolutions and terror attacks put together, the number is staggering, around one billion.

The poem in question though is not about all the religions but One in particular, the huge cult, whose crimes against humanity exceed Hitler and Stalin's combined, by about a double figure. The evidence points out that there were as many as 150,000,000 brutally murdered by the catholic church, so called ”Body of Christ on Earth” throughout its reign. So whatever good and charitable work that they have done, (never unconditionally, by the way; shoes for the feet, bread in hand and the bible shoved down the throat, followed by the whip and worse), it's well overshadowed by their atrocities. For every thimble of good comes a barrel of evil. As they say, “there is an exception to every rule”, maybe even in some church, but those who are trying to do good, still are connected to this corrupted institution. By obeying, following, or contributing to its might, they are knowingly or not, guilty too. The same goes to the apologists. The laws forbid now days, burning and boiling people alive etc., otherwise they wouldn't blink an eye to continue the "lord's work", but the epidemic of child rape and molestation is still alive and thriving more than ever. Some got caught (with a slap on the wrist). Most didn't and unfortunately never will.

Religions never were about good, but about power, greed and mind control. Hitler, Stalin and other delusional, paranoid tyrants are given credit for doing good too, before/while they were committing the unspeakable… Just for the record, both Hitler and Stalin were raised in religious homes and both of them were aiming for the priesthood until politics consumed their defective minds. The Vatican supported and was a sympathizer of the Nazis, and the church confirmed Hitler as "Soldier of Christ". Need I say more?! Read the statement from the good christian himself below.

 "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God's truth! In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow my self to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people." -Adolf Hitler, in a speech on 12 April 1922

Speaking of apologists and apologies: in 2012 the Vatican called Lori Bruno (descendant of Giordano Bruno) to apologize for the ghastly and heinous crimes committed by the church against Giordano. In short, Lori Bruno told them where to stick it! Go Lori! Thank you Lori! Some deeds are simply unforgivable!


Imagine the parallel universe…                                           2004

The world where beautiful Hypatia moved out of Alexandria and Giordano Bruno didn't return to Italy, where Hitler was aborted and Stalin choked on the shish kebab, and no one resuscitated him. The world where Bush died from the drug overdose in the 1980s and Cheney was born to a poor family in Somalia, Yes! Where Mark Chapman got run over by a car in 1979 and John Lennon's, new greatest song ever, was recorded and released in 1985.

"Imagine"… the world where religions/cults had never been invented, the world where everyone lives in peace, as one human race, where intellect is rewarded not punished. Where knowledge, reason and common sense leads the way for the good of All. The world where all the people who, guided by their own moral compass act accordingly, not because of fear of "the afterlife’s endless hellish torment" (the notion injected by religions), but because of their decency, kindness and compassion. "Oh, What a Wonderful World it Would Be"!

                                  GOD       December 21st, 1998


God is not Santa on a white fluffy cloud

God is not Christian, Muslim or Jew

God doesn’t have an image or a gender

Yet God is present in all, including me and you


God is a nature, power and glory

God is a balance, plus, minus and root

God is a rain, sunshine and snow

God is tears for bad or for good


Everything has its own place, as we know

Everything has opposition as well

Only the GOD-ALL IN ONE in its glory

God is ALL/NOTHING, Heaven and Hell


God is all total universal oneness

From a tiny insect to the stars in the sky

God is within you while you are living

God will be within you when the time comes to die


God is a tree in a dark misty forest

God is the forest by the deep lonely lake

God is a lake and the blue sky above it

God is within you while you sleep or awake


God is the song that I'm singing right now

Hope you’ll remember the words of this song

Gods the beginning, the middle, the ending

God is a thought for right or for wrong


God is the water and food on the table

God is a wine and the grass on the field

God is a dance of emotion within you

God is happiness, fear and guilt


God’s sense of humor amused me forever

Well, just look around, you’ll see what I mean

God smiles, without a smile on Yeva

Today God is so kind, tomorrow so mean


Summarizing it all, the God after all

Was on my side through my rise and my fall

I thank you my God, I thank you a lot

For the balance and joy and the health that I’ve got


God is not Santa on a white fluffy cloud

God is not Christian, Muslim or Jew

God doesn’t have an image or a gender

Yet God is present in all, including me and you



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