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Cosmic Matter
Expand Your Universe

Behind "Cosmic Matter"

     "Cosmic Matter" is a compilation of eleven songs from different years. Each song has a story and here they are.

     To start with the first song, "Star Child" was written in 2004. We went to Roswell for the 60th anniversary of the UFO crash, for the commemoration of that event in July of 2007. It was an amazing trip, we met some great people there. One of the most memorable moments though was meeting the author and the Star Child skull keeper, the wonderful Lloyd Pye. When for the first time I glanced on the real Star Child's skull, I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't help myself and started singing a few lines from my song "Star Child", (kind of to myself) but the very noisy room became suddenly quiet and burst with applause when I finished. That was a nice surprise and judging by Lloyd's sunny smile, I think he appreciated it too. (see photo below) I gave him my CD "Space 11:11" and said, that when I record and release "Star Child", he will be the first person I'll send it to. Sadly Lloyd Pye died in 2014. With all the setbacks etc., I wasn't able to finish my "Cosmic Matter" until 2015. So... "Star Child" is for you Lloyd, wherever you might be.

     The next song on the list is "I'd Like to Fly On Titan". Well, this one is a cosmic song with a very much literal earthly origin. I love blueberries, so tried to plant some in my garden, while I was doing it the song just popped, out of the blue :).

     "Stellar Door" was totally inspired by a very special dream. I was revisiting it in my mind on one of those sleepless nights when the song's lyrics and the melody just came to me. That would be it, if not for that unearthly sound, that came from nowhere, while recording it. So strange! As I mentioned in "Making of No Igiler", sometimes when I am in the process of recording my songs, I tend to leave it all up to the outside elements. If it synchronizes in any way with the song, like a phone ringing, birds singing, thunder etc, it could become a part of the whole composition. In the case of "Stellar Door", while I was waiting to insert a backing vocal, at one moment, there was some interference, a strange metallic noise, that didn't come from the outside, but kind of pierced my ears through the headphones; automatically I said: "Is that a signal?" ... then I was planning to re-record it, until I listened to it back and then decided to keep it :) .

     It was difficult to choose eleven songs for this particular CD, as I have written so many that touch the extraterrestrial subject, so after lots of thinking, I decided to include the first ever song that I wrote on this matter and it was "Please Come Down" from 1991.

     "Creators Are Coming" is too, one of the earlier songs, that explains the whole history of the ET's interventions, also past, present and even possible future of humanity, in just 3 minutes and 7 seconds :) .

     "Giordano Bruno", is not the first song I dedicated to the most courageous person who ever lived, the Being of the Future; to find out more check my 'Giordano Bruno' page.

     Followed by "Emerging", which was the continuum of my painting by the same name "Emerging" (see gallery). Little did I know that both the painting from 2002 and some lyrics in the song from 2009 would be prophetic, it is still sort of a mystery. Long story short: in August 2012, I was ready to plant something in my garden, and just before and as I went outside, this persistent inner voice was "whispering"... "safety glasses, wear safety glasses". I thought to myself, I am going to plant a tiny tree, not pursue welding or something! As soon as I started digging, the spade hit a rock and a chip of it flew and hit my right eye so hard, that it resulted in surgery. Lesson learned, trust your intuition. Something good came out of it though, I can read fine print now without glasses :) .

     "Secret" was based on a long ago extremely vivid dream that changed my life, I still debate in my mind that amazing, mystical encounter.

     The next one is unusual, as it was a combination of two occurrences. This song was influenced by my 'Wheel in the sky' dream, and my partner's dream/vision/event, (who knows) he still can't get his head around that one, wondering what it was. The song is called "Silver Wheel Machine".

     While in Roswell at the crash site taking photographs, there was something in the sky, invisible to the naked eye, but ... (explanation is on 'Roswell' page). "Searching For The UFOs" was inspired by what happened.

     The last and the longest song on the list is "Ezekiel's Encounter". It started as a poem from 1994, then 2 years later became a song, which carefully lays out word for word the misunderstood event that was documented 5000 years ago by Ezekiel and also a contemporary explanation of it, as a bonus. :) . I had fun with this song and the first take was supposed to be sort of a rehearsal, that's why I was messing about, but it is a very lengthy song, so I decided to keep this first version after all.

     The first few humans who replied to reserve "Cosmic Matter" had their choice of CD color and also they received a special gift that was literally out of this world; a small capsule of meteorite particles, over four billion years old, that fell to Earth 5,000 years ago. What is the most interesting part in all this, the particles were ordered randomly and when they arrived, there was a little paper attached with more information on it. Amazingly it was from Campo del Cielo and it was discovered in the year 1576. What a surprise it was! Another synchronicity! Giordano Bruno is on the cover of  "Cosmic Matter" and the fifth song is dedicated to him; he was living at the time of the meteorite discovery. In fact he was 24 years of age, the time of his epiphany, for which he was tragically burned alive by the church at Campo de Fiori. See Giordano Bruno page and read more about other synchronicities

     I'd like to thank all the extraterrestrials for the help and inspiration :), not to forget my terrestrial Alien, of course.

Lloyd Pye and Yeva Yeva and Alien

"Cosmic Matter" is now available as a digital download from "CD Baby" or contact  yevasuniverse for information on how to purchase a limited physical copy while available.

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No igiler front cover

On Making "No igiler"

     Well, considering all the funny mishaps I endured making "Space 11/11", which actually worked for the best, "No igiler" was a piece of cake. It helped of course using different equipment that was not held together by gaffer tape. I'm still using analog, yeah yeah, 20th century port a studio, and digitalized it later. Why, you may ask… I just like that raw, honest sound, I suppose as they say less is more. Anyway, back to the making of "No igiler". I like to use the same space for my recordings, which is in the basement of my house, it's very comfortable, but not totally soundproof, (just keep this in mind for a bit longer). Even though the mix down took a while, the recording itself went smooth and speedy, track after track, song after song, it all was finished in only a couple of days. Obviously the gods were on my side, literally in fact. Here is one of the few examples, which is vivid and undeniable. As I was recording the song "True Devil" (it's about the hypocrisy of the church and the backwardness of religion), I didn't realize that nature (… or maybe Zeus himself, ha!), threw in special effects for free into my humble creation. Because of the headphones, etc., I didn't hear that it started raining. When I listened to the song back I was pleasantly surprised, while I was recording, somehow perfectly at the right moments, there it was, crashing thunder slicing through, not in one but three places. it seems the sound of thunder came through the chimney and out of the large fireplace. Hmm… maybe the god is Santa Claus after all, Haaa! This is the reason why I like to work in a semi-soundproof place, you never know what kind of gifts the universe will send your way. When it happens, it makes you feel in tune with mysterious forces of other worldliness. When it doesn't, that's OK, usually more work for me. Most of my songs, (I lost count, somewhere around 1000 now), are just like my paintings, telling stories, giving messages, sometimes subliminal, other times to one's face. This CD, "No igiler", that's dedicated to Hypatia, is definitely to one's face, but free thinking, truth seeking, awakened people with a sense of humor will embrace it, as many of them already have. The open minded ones will probably find it thought provoking and maybe they'll learn something from it, but close minded, hmm…they might be uneasy especially if they recognize themselves in the songs. Oh well, can't please them all! Truth hurts! Last but not least I'd like to thank my personal assistant Alien for all the help and support, Dale for the quick lesson in ancient Aramaic, the ever busy Joshua for finding the time to write a most perceptive review on the CD.

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Congratulations and big thanks to everyone for taking part in the contest to win a copy of "No igiler",
for all the answers to the questions, and the well thought out reviews. The enthusiasm and
responses were amazing, some over the phone and even old fashioned mail.

Here are some of the correct and interesting replies.
Reviews in Gray Answers in  Blue

Over the past couple weeks, I have listened to No igiler three times.
I've been trying to figure out what to say. I had planned to give you
my opinion of each track. But I've finally realized I just have to go
stream of consciousness on this!

It is a MIND FUCK. I can't really separate the tracks. It's one
continuous experience that runs on in a Pink Floyd-esque manner. The
production-simplicity actually becomes eerie. It's like being drunk in
your living room and hearing the pure, organic emotion that comes from you cutting through the bullshit haze of commercial society. I want to lean back and forth with the rhythm. In short, I become oddly
entranced. Though I don't want to point out a single track, the "If I
were God" song is perhaps upbeat enough to pull in the average pop
listener. But ultimately, it's a weird, swirling, warping, commentary
on the fundamental aspects of life, death, and meaning. The more I
listen, the more I think it probably reflects your paintings. People
look at them and say "this is beautiful but what the FUCK is going
on?" I guess that what you have captured here.

The logical, linguistic anti-religion points in No igiler are
fantastic and confident! Obviously, that's what you intended. Yet
there is a deeper, cloudy, message that expresses how smeared our
culture, government, society and art have become. Much of it is
unpleasant. But it is art in the purest form. More to come . . .


No igiler: That is religion spelled backwards,

some would associate this with being an atheist -
but actually it is a word that is more symbolic to be against
organized religions and most so the catholic church as the
most formal, organized and wealthy, and also inherently
the most correct and secretive having so abused it's position
of domination in the past to keep the masses ignorant.

As Joshua would say Christianity is inherently a religion about
keeping the masses in ignorance and looks down upon the decision
of Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of knowledge.

So in effect this is a word that represents turning away from
ignorance and embracing knowledge.

The church stain glass window was first embraced by the catholic
church, so the smashing of said window is a statement against the
catholic church and an embracing of knowledge... and knowing Yeva,
would say this is also following in the footsteps of Giordano Bruno
of rejecting the current understandings and formal religions and
calling for a true paradigm shift forward by embracing knowledge
over all ignorance and superstitions of our past.

Why must i have this - there is no must ---- the person who most
deserves this is the person who should have it.


The Contest Questions:

1. What does "No igiler" mean?

2. Using the cover as a clue what are the songs about?

3.Why must you have it?

1. Another name for

2. Religious iconoclasm

3. To free my mind

1. No religion backwards

2. Breaking through the window of religion, shattering dogma and  breaking through to the window of the soul.

3. Religion is a noose whose knot must be frayed.

1. Religion backwards

2. Breaking through/shattering the ignorance of religion

3. To evolve

I know, as I'm sure many others know, also, that "No igiler" is "religion spelled backwards and that religion, or perhaps it's perniciousness in some areas, makes it something we can do without.
Of course, I'd be interested in your messages on this subject, as I was, especially in your song about Giordano Bruno. I've wondered what brought him to the fore in your thinking inasmuch as he's not the subject of everyday conversation. He was an outstanding person and martyr for the heliocentricity of our planetary system.

S. David Forte,AL
2. THE songs are about being Enlightened and realizing the big lie and the dogma of man's ignorance, how all of it is a scam to control us all throw fear and take our money, and how our galactic brothers and sisters are hear to help us throw this journey with love and light. yeva is a visionary the light and the truth flows throw her to all of us in her music we will hear the truth and know the way.
3. I need it and want it because it will be a inspiration to all who hear it for the truth is hear we just have to open our hearts and minds to hear it and yeva is loving and caring and is taking the time to share the truth with us all. PLUS SHE JUST ROCKS THE HOUSE...

Big Ben
Epic CD and Love

I love your CD! It has a soothing and yet universal awakening message through it all. The wisdom and knowledge that you share with us all is more than most will, have or be willing to do. You have opened up a door to a new universe of thought , peace and love.

I to fear the human race and what we will end up doing to our mother earth. Please never stop being the being you are. Keep the truth flowing with melody my sister.

Big Ben
1. means backward read: RELIGION

2. the songs are about RELIGION or better said No religion ...

3. because you are my friend and I love your songs from the first CD
I will listen to it tonight once more ...

Rolf, Switzerland
Answer to your puzzle: religion

Rock through a stained glass window?: down with religion

Why I want it?: Because you created and performed the songs and I am a
kindred spirit.

1. religion spelled backwards

2. anti religion.....religion has been broken, much like the glass in the art.

3. perfect addition to the collection, is it available on vinyl??


I am captivated by No igiler, a most sincere tribute to the folly of
religion and the sheep who choose to relinquish themselves to herding of
the Sheppard-devils that have taken them over. Yeva presents a heartfelt
eulogy to the effects of religion in our society. The imagination and
passion of this album speak volumes.

Why is there so much fear around standing up to the devastation religion
has created in our society? "True Devil" speaks to this insanity, which
recognizes the evil that religion represents in our society. And who
isn't afraid of the devil? Religion IS the devil, and it really does
deserve to be feared!

It's all about societal control, and we all know it. "If I Were a God" is
an amazing piece about the things that a TRUE God would create and

But by far my favorite is "Hallelujah"... especially the SHEEP. This is
so CUTE! There is no better description of a Christian!

"Take Me Away" ends the album with a sincere wish for alien Saviors, an
entirely feasible alternative to wishing ones life away for an eternity
spent worshipping a character that appears to have a mighty large ego!
Where DID that worshipping come from anyway? Was there a time in our
past that we needed something to worship? Perhaps we were so ignorant
about the way the world around us worked that it was necessary to worship
the SOMETHING. Now that we have more knowledge about our universe, and
live in such a messed up reality that has in large part been created by
the Christian/sheep mentality, do we really need to worship a guy in the
sky that we still can't seem to find ANY evidence of, regardless of the
galaxies we can now peer through?

The alien energies at work amongst us today want us to work together, not
be divided. When we DO all choose to work together, then and only then
will be allowed to enter the realm in which they reside. They will not
allow us to bring negativism, hate and division. In order to come
together, me must leave religion behind, because it has been taken over
and turned into the biggest divider the world today. We must move past
this divide. I love Yeva's contribution to this movement!


1 - No iliger means "no religion".
Religion is hampering our ability to

live in a truly civilized, harmonious society.

2 - The songs are about shattering the myths of religion,
just as the panes in the church window

are being shattered.

3 - I must have this CD to use in my work since I am now a missionary who is spreading the word about the evils of religion.
 I need this CD to make me laugh!
 I need this CD cause it's sure to contain songs as
 beautiful as the woman who created it!!!


1) To me, I think No Igiler means no religion

2) I think the songs on No Igiler are about shattering the myth of religion and one supreme being

3) And, I must have the cd because you made it and I know it is great!


1. No iglier is religon spelled backwards. What does it mean? Perhaps people are looking in the wrong direction.

2. Perhaps the cover's musical clue is that at the center of religion, there are some cracks and flaws
and that one day the whole concept will be shattered.

3. Why must I have it? I am no more deserving that any other. Why must I have it?
Because I have enjoyed your first CD so much
that I need another.

1. Religion spelled backwards

2. Symbolic of breaking through the dogma of religion, and letting the
real light shine in!

3. Because Yeva made it!!!
Simply put Yeva's newest CD No Igiler is a journey, a cosmic gateway into the truth. This revelation of truth may be uncomfortable to some, perhaps even painful to many. But to a progressive or intellectual, simply an affirmation. Each song gains momentum and resonance. With an ever increasing crescendo of vibes. Literally destroying the toxic and long held dogma of the church. It is truly a freeing of the mind, and spirit. Anyone who is ready to know the truth, will be liberated and free, it is an awakening of the heart as well. Words alone however could never really do it justice, so in closing I will just say thank you Yeva for what you have created, thank you for this journey. One can see, yet again from your latest work. That you truly are the GOLDEN SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE!!!


'just listened 2 Yeva's CD.

It's really Ground Breaking!
Could almost B a 'CONCEPT ALBUM' as there's an underlying thread running thru an otherwise diverse collection of songs.

The Theme seems 2B misuse of religion -something that will appeal to believers & others alike!

It'd B easy 4 such a huge concept 2 fail by either being unwieldy or just plain fall into the all 2 common trap of annoying rant. Yeva, however, handles the whole with aplomb -aided & abetted with a clear & witty Production!

Denis, England


1. No Religion (religion backwards)

2. Questioning and "smashing through" rediculous religious customs and
fairy tales.

3. Because I love Yeva and her thoughts, poems, and songs.

I listened to your cd, and I liked it a lot,
it is not usually my genre of music,
but the tone of your voice and the lyrics made it very good.
I especially liked the song I'm Not Afraid,
the lyrics were true to me, as well as the tune,
I think on your next CD you should have a few more
songs with the guitar in the background,
just something about the guitar that adds to the sincerity of each song,
plus I like the melodic aspect it adds to the songs.
My other favorites were Ena La, Gods Rock, and Take Me Away.
I can't wait for your next CD to come out,
let me know when you release it. I loved the Cover and name of the CD, very clever and effective.


1. Religion backwards. It would be nice if world problems caused and
fueled by radical beliefs could be reversed.

2. Breaking through the false beauty and the fake facade which many use as
an excuse for a holier than thou attitude.

3. Curiosity and a compulsion to collect many different types of music.


1. "no igiler" is "religion" spelled backwards, so I think it means "no

2. when the Gods come down to the world.

3. I must have it because I love Yeva, and I love her songs.


 No igiler means no fear.

The songs are about how a few brave individuals fought against deception in the church and exposed how the church

 used ignorance and fear to advance their cruel agenda. In the end the church
 conforms to the wishes of the few brave
individuals who represent logic, compassion and the will of thepeople.

I must have the CD because you are my dear friend.

jesses answers

1. No religion

2. Aliens

3. Because of its Author and content


 1. It means reptile in portugese. No lizards are allowed in Portugal.

2. The stained glass window symbolizes how much the reptile mind and
religious thought are similar.

3. I must have this cd because I love Yeva's idea that all beings can
live together in a peaceful and productive way.


Dons review 

Yeva’s most recent release, No Igiler, may at first listen be taken as a series of musical ruminations on the nature of God, and to some extent this is so; rumination, however, means contemplation, consideration, reflection and speculation (or to “turn over and over in one’s head”).  But the lyrical sentiment expressed in the nine songs contained in this collection go beyond this; indeed, there is a certitude found in the pronouncements contained in these songs that manifests itself in varying commentaries on ‘God’.  Some, as found in the somewhat lengthy (7 plus minute) initial song, ‘God’, seem to express a kind of pantheism coupled with the rejection of the conventional views of the deity, set to the almost mesmerizing interweaving of the instrumentation of synthesizer, tasteful programmed percussive sounds and the startling injection of the deep resonance of a kettle drum (or at least the sound of such).  The result compels the listener to focus on the deep-throated whispery delivery of the words as the glove-in-hand musical accompaniment creates the proper sonic milieu for the message.

While thematically each song is linked to the overarching pronouncement inherent in the work, the tunes do offer variety of musical styles with differing instrumentation.  ‘Good Guy Saga’ features guitar and a bass sound (presumably made by an electronic keyboard), ‘Gods Rock’ again offering guitar, bass and percussive sounds; ‘I’m Not Afraid’ couples daring and self-sure lyrical sentiment of the liberation of ‘No Igiler’ set to an almost subversively upbeat musical accompaniment; ‘Ena La’, provides what can arguably be described as a kind of cosmic musical mini-journey taking to task the “perversion of Jesus” and  the nature of reality, with interesting banjo-sounding guitar work and multi-tracked vocals (this is one of my two personal favorites).  ‘True Devil’ opens with spoken-word lyrics accompanied by the frenetic crash of cymbals and the jarring injection of a squealing horn sound.  Who might the “True Devil” be?  Consider who might be keeping “the human mind in a box.”  ‘If I Were God’ is the second tune included in my two favorites; less for the lyrical message than the interesting, jazz-like rhythm.  I find this a strong tune that commands repeated listening. ‘Hallelujah’ offers a countrified foot-stomper with a notable chorus.  The irony of the title juxtaposed over lyrics such as “I don’t believe in your God or your religion” is self-evident.  The final track, ‘Take Me Away’ expresses a wistful yearning to be taken away by a UFO, set to a folk-ish, acoustic-guitar dominated accompaniment.

No Igiler is a unique work, rich in expression, which seeps into the conscious. For some, it may be not easily accessible; for others, it will resonate like the uncovering of an ancient truth to the mentally unencumbered. Two groups come to mind as possible worthy recipients of this CD as a birthday or holiday gift: those with open minds and an aversion to conventional religiosity and doctrinaire bible-thumpers from which the gift-giver may want some distance. 


"SPACE 11/11"

Space 11/11 covers

 Here is the list of songs on "Space 11 / 11"
  1. I Am Terrestrial
  2. In A Garden Of Stars
  3. Quantum World download mp3 
  4. They Are
  5. Dinosong / Troodon
  6. Giordano
  7. When The Gods Came Down
  8. Time Machine 
  9. I Am Praying 
  10. I Want To Escape This Planet
  11. The World Without Lies
year written

 1.  2004
2.  2003
3.  2002
4.  2004
5.  2004
6.  2002
7.  2003
8.  2001
9.  1994
10. 2003
11. 2003

"Space 11 / 11" is no longer available on CD.

Read the story of the CDs creation below. 

I Am Terrestrial...

The creation of "Space 11/11"

     During the recording of the CD Space 11/11, I had my share of mishaps: technical, physical, and even possibly metaphysical. Due to one thing or another I was delaying recording and one day, when it felt right, I was anxious to start, as all equipment was set and ready for about 3 months, I didn’t want to waste any more time. Alas…it did not happen, as soon as I put the headphones on-the Black Out! It lasted for a couple of hours. When electricity returned – the inspiration is gone. The next time I attempted, my four track, it refused to work; in fact it was repaired 3 times during recording. Thanx to Loyal for fixing it. Soon I was ready again but coincidentally one of my neighbors decides to mow the grass that particular day, as my space for recording was not totally soundproofed I needed to wait. One more hiccup won’t make that much difference. Then…an epiphany! I need a new guitar with built in pickup; this way at least an instrumental part can’t be affected by any outside noise, which are usually just birds and squirrels. A friend comes to the rescue, being a connoisseur on guitars he helped me to pick up a good one, thanx Billy. It looked like all delays happened for the best. It was just meant to be. I loved my old guitar but the "new" 70s Madeira not only sounded better, it was easier to play, it felt as if it was made for me, better say for my left, broken long ago, wrist. Now I just had to wait for another wave of inspiration.

     At last! The recording is started. All goes smooth except I keep hearing a strange alien noise but only when I play, it stops when I stop. I was puzzled but as it was not intruding but complementing the song, "I Am Terrestrial" I decided to leave it as is, just on one song. Then…revelation! The key finder. I bought it for a friend who is always losing his keys, (a while ago) and totally forgot about it. That must be it! The problem was, I couldn’t find the key finder. I clapped and shouted and jumped up and down- all quiet. After a while I found it in the bottom of the closet, where it was not supposed to be.

     Back on track, "take 5" all is OK. I am playing a tambourine for "Dinosong" banging so ever enthusiastically, without realizing my strength, Ooops! My fist goes through the drum, never mind, will finish with maracas, luckily I knew that tambourine won’t be needed again (songs were not recorded in order as on the title list). Another day, another song…only four songs left when I managed to slice my index finger on a cheese grater, Ouch! Delays again…but as always I healed up very fast and in only 6 days after the accident I could play guitar again! Not so fast Yeva. While my finger was healing I did some painting and the fumes of paint affected my voice so that I could not sing, paint does that sometimes for a short time. When my voice came back I was determined to finish my recording, pushing in 4 songs in about 2 days (a song a day was the original plan not including the mixing down of course). After I’ve done the last backing vocals for the four remaining songs, instead of unplugging everything and going upstairs to rest I decided to continue, and just to have a tea break. Without realizing how tired I was, I forgot I was plugged in to all of the equipment so when I got up with the headphones still attached to my ears I pulled all the gadgets with me. Everything crashed with a big bang on the floor, my new guitar along with other stuff was lying underneath a very heavy studio which landed on top of it. All went in slow motion then just like a horror movie. I was trying to untangle all the leads and put things back in order, thinking I will probably end up finishing songs on my old guitar. To my surprise…after all that, my equipment was fine, including the new guitar, miraculously it wasn’t damaged except for the top of the pegs which a couple were totally sliced off, but all the strings were still in place, and…unbelievably, the guitar didn’t go out of tune…"What is next" I thought?

     Well, next…the CD, "Space 11/11" was completed, with all its delays and imperfections I left deliberately untouched, transcending its character and message, nothing is perfect in this world except love…and after all the CD "Space 11/11" was made for love not for profit. I have been asked why I chose my old-fashioned porta-one studio to record with, not straight digital computer stuff. Well, I feel with my outdated equipment I kept the soul, that live feel which is often lacking in some recordings. Besides I know my porta-one like the palm of my hand. My very first demos, (years ago), were recorded with the same equipment. The CD "Space 11/11" was not made to blast your ears out, nor as ambient music. The main reason I created the CD is for the message, sometimes obvious and other times not, it’s not dance music either,  some, sing along…maybe. There are sad and happy moments and all in between. Thank you for listening.

Number 11/11

     The number 11/11 has followed me for a very long time in numerous different ways. I named my CD, "Space 11/11" not because (yet again "coincidentally") I compiled the musical part, 11 songs in 11 days, but because there is much more to the number 11/11.

     The number 9 in numerology, is the number of completion (my number, incidentally), but All starts with the number 1, the beginning, the genesis of all numbers, the number of "creator". Number 1 is a lonely number by itself so another 1 is needed to complete the cycle. The first repetition of the first number makes 11, so the number 11 is the number of beginning and completion in one. That’s what makes it so powerful.

     In numerology 11 is the number of cosmic awareness, evolution, artistic and visionary talents, the number of progress, creativity and achievements, it carries strength and sensitivity, male/female substance, therefore its the number of androgyny, equality. 11 is a revolutionary number, All-in-One mystic.

     The number 11 by itself is the number of the new terrestrial beginning, but in combination with itself 11/11 symbolizes terrestrial/extraterrestrial connection, Earth/Heaven, Yin/Yang, balance, quantum number. All-in-One, All-is-One.

     Will it make the number 11/11 more powerful with every repetition, yes only in quantity, it could continue to clone itself to infinity but the first three combinations are 1, 11, 11/11, the ultimate beginning and the ultimate completion.

Below are some lyrics from "Space 11 / 11"

 The World Without Lies   April 2003

"The Roswell or the Heights 611

Our cousins died there, They came from Heavens.

It’s hard for some human to comprehend

This is so tragic, but not the end

The evidence was overwhelming, and for what it’s worth

If the crashed craft and fragile dead bodies was not enough

What about promethium? The metal found there…

Not of this Earth, what about it… Ah…"


They came from a far, their distant star

Still shines for us…but it’s BA

No longer works for them…

The ancient giant long burned out

They have no home? I have some doubt

If that what they were looking for...

Or maybe there was so much more

Advanced Ones, opening the door

To remind our race what it’s for

For us to see the cosmic way

The truth our teachers didn’t say

Because they didn’t know

As ignorance was their God

Passed on from long ago


The light of truth was always here

Disguised in many ways… though

The ones whom not of the blind stock, saw it clear

But now, when the time is near

To embrace the truth for all

I wonder how many will try

For the highest goal

I wonder how many will open Heart and Soul

With open arms let the truth come in



Oh what a wonderful world it would be

What a wonderful world it could be

What a wonderful world it should be

If the truth finally wins


The world with no lies, what a surprise!

Dream on… Hm, but I’m not alone

The world without lies means

The world without wars

Without religion and hypocrisy

The world with open doors

No locks on doors, hearts or minds

No chains on arms, no gags in mouth

No blindfolds on your eyes

So clean within…



Oh, what a wonderful world it would be

What a wonderful world it could be

What a wonderful world it will BE

When the truth finally Wins.


I Want to Escape This Planet   January 25th 2003


I want to escape this planet Earth (3 times)

I want to escape this planet



But I am carbon based

I can’t survive in space

I need to reinvent myself

To embrace the cosmic phase



Please help me now, you hear!

My life is in your hands

May all of them continue

To dance their puppets dance

But I want to escape…




Take me right away

To the distant star

Where I could be myself

It’ll never be too far



Away from the shallow minds

Their twisted lies and laws

From the ignorance and hypocrisy

And their tribal bloody wars



If only I could scream

With thunder loud plea

Maybe then you will hear this

And sympathize with me




The time now is right

To step down your stairway

They, see things here in black and white

So show them IT in gray….

Or blue…amber, orange,

Violet, purple, yellow, pink, red or green…

Colors of the rainbow,

There are so many, shine on!


Maybe there is a way

Then I might stay

But as it is now…

I need to escape this planet


In A Garden Of Stars  June 1, 2003


In the garden of stars

I observe and wonder

In the darkness of the night

Waiting for that thunder


Searching for the light

Will I see your might?

On black velvet sky

Heavenly delight


Still I hear no sound

But the trees haunting whisper

And the song of the crickets

Somewhere in the distance


So I closed my eyes

And then I kissed her,

The planet of hope and truth

Love and peace and wisdom

They Are  June 16, 2004


So there, somewhere,

Up there they are,

Upon the invisible star

They are,

Upon the unapproachable

Time and space,

Untouchable place… They are


So give me the answer

Show me the sign,

Free over-time working

Mind of mine,

Open the windows

Of truth to face,

For all human race

Oh what a waste!


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