The first in a series of Roswell encounters

Roswell Logo and Fireworks

Roswell Experience
"From the Land of the Sky to the Land of the Enchantment"

After traveling by car through six states and three different time zones, we arrived in Roswell on the 4th of July, just in time for the fireworks, which continuously were flashing away on the horizon. I was glad that at last we reached our destination after such a long and tiresome journey, whatever energy was left in me I put into the video of the nighttime Roswell, with all its trimmings. It was overwhelming for me to see "crashed" UFOs in the roofs of the buildings, the E.T.s little faces popping out from the shops windows and the alien watchful street lights sandwiching the main road. I couldn't sleep too well with all the excitement. In the morning we got a call from our dear friend Rolf Waeber, the author of " An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" who came especially for the event from Switzerland. We realized that it is impossible to catch all that was going on in four days. So where do we start? The UFO museum was a good choice. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the fatal day in July of 1947, hundreds of balloons were released into the sky, outside of the museum. It was a touching moment, in the midst of which I bumped into Stanton Friedman, one of the most outspoken and courageous humans on this globe. Then we went inside of the museum and had close encounters with other favorite people. Many wonderful and enlightened visitors and residents we have met in Roswell. After talking, hugging, book/CD swapping, even a little singing… (when I saw the real skull of the Starchild with my own eyes, I simply couldn't help it. The words from my old 1994 song just poured out:

"Star Child look me
Open your sleepy eyes
Star Child let it be
Let's ride together through the sky
The universe is free and endless
Just like my love for you
Star Child you're in my memory
You made my dream come true…"

I didn't bring my guitar as I didn't plan to perform, but the roomful of people, as soon as I started singing went totally silent and burst with applause when I finished. That was pleasantly unexpected)…While I was absorbing it all for a moment I've lost sight of my partner Alien, (that's what friends call him lovingly, for the reasons I will not get into) then from a distance I spotted him talking with someone. Well, that someone was Pygoya, who came to Roswell for the event from Hawaii. Pygoya contacted me through the Internet a couple of years ago, to complement me on my alien art. We corresponded from time to time but never have met until that moment. It was a treat to meet him, Pygoya is a fascinating person, he has achieved in his One life much more than most people would in Nine. Pygoya is a brilliant artist, an author, (his latest book " Roswell Encounter gallery" by Rodney EJ Chang) computer whiz, musician… He could fix the dreaded root canal, Ouch!   Or run the marathon. Search after search, degree after degree, everything is possible for Pygoya. Above all, he is the truth seeker. The Truth is the reason that all roads lead tens of thousands of earthlings to Roswell for this special event. It is fair to say that not everyone who was there for the festival were on the same page.   Some people came just for fun and curiosity, some, for one and only reason, to make money. Well, as long as the subject of the sale matched the subject of the event, I didn't mind, especially when my always "sweet tooth" Alien bought a slice of yummy UFO cake at the UFO convention in the welcome center, that was appropriate, I just had a tiny bite as I need to lose a few pounds. My"candy store" were little shops with alien curiosities, were I purchased over 100 adorable cuties that I didn't have in my endless collection. Of course, this was for the lighter side of life, for fun, which everyone needs from time to time. All being said though, whether it be the sale of Roswell souvenirs, lectures on the subject of UFOs/Aliens, signing of the books, E.T. costume competition, the nighttime parade and of course the stories of abductees (have been and wannabes) etc.…   All those selling, signing, swapping, sighting, sharing and smelling… adds in one way or another to the awareness. It promotes, familiarizes and humanizes the extraterrestrials in the eyes of those who still feel threatened by them. It's a small part, a detail of the much bigger picture, the conscious or subconscious preparation, the plan if you will, for the major things to come. No one knows exactly when and how it will emerge, but with all the madness, injustice and violence thats happening on this tired planet I'll say the time is now.





UFO Museum balloon release


  Alien Relief

Cool Alien / Egyptian art


Yeva playing

Yeva and Pygoya

First contact with Pygoya, artist, author, truth seeker, etc...



  Dr.Bruce Maccabee author and pioneer in UFO research

Yeva and Lloyd

Lloyd Pye, Starchild skull caretaker, author, researcher, and lecturer

Rolf Waeber

Rolf Waeber, author, reasearcher, and traveler

  Starchild Skull

The real Starchild skull



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